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A Room Without A View

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Years after the Islamic revolution in Iran, a woman finds herself in a room with no door. From her only window, she experiences real and surreal visions. Are these memories, dreams, nightmares or her reality? Have these occurrences come to pass or are they yet to happen?  In a way, she is a microcosm of the country she comes from. At times she sees herself roaming freely beyond her confinement on the streets of Tehran. Her attempts to escape the place and to find what is real will prove difficult, and submerse her further into her surreal world.


Story, Direction and Editing by Roshanak Elmendorf.

Produced by Julie Deffet and Roshanak Elmendorf.

Directors of Photography: Miles Budde and Jonathan Castro.

Assistant Director and Production Design: Daniel Gras Pujalt.

Sound by David Ito Carrasco.

Produced by Deffet Films and Viewing Room Production Company.

Starring Allison Frasca










Genre: Surreal, Drama, Experimental

Duration: Feature



             A ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW

                                        Spring 2016



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    A Film by Roshanak Elmendorf

Inspired by the director’s true experiences
and recollections after the Iranian
revolution of 1979, A ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW
focuses on the psychological and unusual
changes that were created in the
aftermath of the revolution. The
gap between what was and what could
have been. A veiled woman who is
afraid to get out of her confinement
is recalling her past memories that
are neither what were at one time,
nor how they appear in the present.
The elements in the room become
metaphors that keep her fears and
superstitions alive and present. The door
has always been there but she does not see it …



Spring 2016



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Allison Frasca is a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. While at NYU, she studied for three years with the Atlantic Acting School and for one year with Stonestreet Studios for Film and Television. In addition to other stage and screen roles, Allison played the lead as Laura in Blackline which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner. It was also featured in the 2015 Online Short Film Festival. She lives in New York City.



For the last decade Roshanak Elmendorf's films and animations have depicted the make up of the cultures we live in and the human relationships with self and others.

Roshanak was born in Tehran Iran. In 1977 she came to the United States to pursue a career in Science. Influenced by the social changes in Iran, she returned to the country in 1979. More than a decade after obtaining a medical degree from New York University in 1993, She developed an interest in painting, drawing and film.



A cinematographer, with a foundation built upon previous experience as camera assistant, gaffer and grip, Miles Budde has worked on numerous short films, documentaries and commercial films. He has studied at The New School of Media Studies and Purchase College.  He lives and works in New York.



Jonathan Castro is a filmmaker with a passion for cinematography and cinematic design. His multidisciplinary arts background gives him a unique perspective that allows him to excel as an independent filmmaker. He has an Associates Degree from Full Sail University and a Bachelor's Degree from The New School for Media Studies. He currently lives in NYC.



Prior to film-making, David Ito Carrasco worked in humanitarian and development projects for NGOs, Red Cross and the UN for 15 years. With a background in photography and with a special interest in advocacy and human rights, his work seeks to sensitize audiences and empower them to take action.


     Assistant Director

Daniel Gras Pujalt was born in Lima, Peru.  From an early age, Daniel was drawn to artistic activities such as drawing, painting and music. At the age of twenty he moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and received a scholarship from the Federal University of Media Studies in Rio de Janeiro and graduated with honors.

During these years he participated in numerous audiovisual projects and short films. In 2009, he was hired by Brazil’s largest TV Channel – Rede Globo, where he worked as a Production Design Assistant and Assistant Art Director specializing in period projects, most of which were internationally recognized.



Julie Deffet has a Masters Degree in Journalism from L’Université Libre in Brussels, and graduated with highest honor for her Documentary thesis. She also has a Certificate Degree in Film from The New School for Media Studies in New York. Since moving to New York she has directed, produced and worked on a variety of narrative and documentary projects. In her personal work she is deeply influenced by the British and Belgian social realist contemporary cinema. Through her films she hopes to share her views on authority, conservatism and the representation of sexuality and social classes.




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